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Residence Permit as Libero professionista

Obtaining a residence permit in Italy through a certain type of activity in Italy.
The type of activity is selected from the list of unregulated professions (taking into account the ISTAT data list of professions in demand in Italy).
The professions not regulated by law include specialties in the field of advertising and public relations, related to art and music (decorator, actor, dancer, singer, composer, etc.), connected to language mediation (interpreters and translators), in the field of IT technologies, marketing, web design and many others.

The complete list of professions is published by the Italian Ministry of Justice.

Essential requisites:

1. Education (in accordance with the declared type of activity).
You are required to submit to the Consulate of Italy information about the education received in the form of a copy of the diploma with translation into Italian (university, technical school, college, courses).

2. Ability to demonstrate the official income in the country of primary residence of at least 8,400 euros per year (for the last reporting year) with the official certificate or annual income declaration of your country.

3. Evidence that the applicant has experience in the declared type of activity. This could be:
- Extract from the work book,
- copies of contracts for the providing services in accordance with the declared type of activity
- Other documents confirming experience declared

4. Extract from any Italian bank with available amount on the applicant's account of at least 17,400 euros. * (The funds are not blocked, they can be used any time afterwords).

5. Information about housing in Italy (lease, purchase, rent, etc.)
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