Residence permit in Italy
with a right to WORK

for € 9 999 €4 650

Residence Permit after 3-6 months
Visa D(National Long Therm Visa) without visiting the country
Postpaid contract
Hundreds of successful cases
More than 10 years of work experience
Solving any legal issues in Italy
Step by Step payment

International company which works for you independently of what citizenship you currently have
We help to get visa D(Italian Long Therm National Visa) , all the documents for temporary or permanent Residence Permit independently of what country documents you have now.
We work in Italy more than 10 years. We provide support for immigration procedure in Italy, Italian citizenship, assistance when you have already been refused a national visa.We also work with family disputes with the participation of Italian citizens, debt recovery, compensation for damage and complex cases.
Reviews of those who received a residence permit in 2022
Information on the advantages of getting a residence permit in Italy
An Italian residence permit gives the holder the same rights as an Italian citizen (with the exception of the right to participate in elections).

Short list:
1.Possibility of permanent residence in the country
2. The right to stay in the Schengen countries without need to obtain a Shengen visa
3. Free medicine of a good level
4. The right to study in educational institutions in Italy
5. Opportunity to do business in Europe
6. Opening bank accounts without restrictions
7. After 5 years - a permanent residence permit in Italy
8. After 10 years - Italian citizenship (Free entry to 187 countries)
9. The right to receive a pension. The minimum for 2019 is 648 euros / month.
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