Residence Permit - With permanent income

Permesso di soggiorno «RESIDENZA ELETTIVA»

Residence permit based on "chosen residence" = optional residence in Italy can be obtained by a foreigner subject to certain requirements:

1. Having a permanent passive income in accordance with the Directives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 01/03/200
Types of passive income accepted: real estate rent/pension/stocks/other.
The amount of income must be at least 31000 euro per year.

2. It is recommended to submit to the Consulate of Italy information on the owning real estate property in the country of primary residence. The cost of real estate must be at least 100 000 euro.
3. It is recommended to provide information about the property owned by the applicant on the territory of Italy (you can have a preliminary sale contract). The cost of real estate must be at least 150-200 000 euro.
4. Motivation letter stating the reason for permanent residence in Italy.
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