Residence Permit - Family Escort

Residence permit in Italy for family members of a resident of the country.

Who has the motive to obtain PERMESSO di SOGGIORNO for family reasons:
- children under 18 years old.
(When applying for a residence permit in Italy, you must have the consent of the second parent);
- Spouse ;
- Dependent children over 18 years of age;
- Dependent parents, in the absence of other children in the country of primary residence or in the absence of the ability of other children to provide support to the parent of a foreign citizen.

According to the 'Testo Unico' standards, a residence permit in Italy can be issued to the following categories of persons:
- a relative within the second degree of relationship of an Italian citizen (Art.19 Law 286/98, Art.28 Law 394/99),
- foreigners married to a foreign citizen legally residing in the EU and having a residence permit in Italy, which is valid for at least 1 year;

'Familiare al seguito' — Family members escort

Based on: art. 29 Testo Unico Decreto Legislativo 25/07/1998 n. 298
Issued immediately after receiving a visa D (national visa) by the main applicant.

Registration procedure:

1. Nulla Osta (no obstacle special permit) registration at Sportello Unico in Prefettura for accompanying family members of a foreign citizen.
2. Visa D type to accompany family members at the Italian Consulate of your country.
3. Obtaining the Residence Permit at Ufficio Immigrazione in Questura(Immigration Office .
The processing time for Nulla Osta in Prefettura is up to 90 days

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