Residence Permit – Carta Blu

The Italian Blue Card (Italian Carta blu EU) is issued for up to 4 years with the opportunity to work and live in Europe with your family.
Carta blu EU (blue card) is the reason to obtain a residence permit in Italy for foreigners who have the qualifications of a specialist from the list provided by ISTAT.
The rules of entry and residence in Italy for highly qualified professionals are governed by Directive No. 2009/50 / CE, officially published in the country on 28/06/2012.

EU Blue Card is issued to highly qualified professionals residing abroad or already staying in Italy on another visa type if they have the appropriate qualification.

Requirements for education and qualifications
The level of education received must be at least 3 years of study in a specific field. The applicant's qualification must be included in the ISTAT classification list of levels 1-3:

Level 1

High level managers
These include: legislators, entrepreneurs, executives (members of legislatures, governments, heads of administrations, executives in the judiciary field, executives in health services, education and research, managers and CEOs of large companies, etc.)

Level 2
Specialists with a narrow qualification
These include: specialists in the field of mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics and natural sciences. Engineers, architects, health professionals, science, education and so on.

Level 3
Tech professionals.
Professions related to science, engineering, finance.

5 requirements to obtain Carta Blu:

The first
An employer wishing to hire a highly skilled worker must ensure that the worker's annual salary is three times more than the minimum level set by the Italian State to be exempted from participation in health care costs.
So the annual salary of a specialist must be at least 24,789 euros.

The term of the work contract must be at least one year. The employment contract must include work activities which require the possession of a high professional qualification.

Permission (Italian: Nulla Osta) can only be requested for higher professional qualifications falling under Levels 1,2 and 3 of the ISTAT 2011 occupational classification".
For regulated professions, it is necessary to have a recognition of professional qualification in Italy. The recognition of the foreign specialist qualification is carried out with the participation of the Consulate of Italy.
The quantity of working hours of a foreign specialist according to the contract with the employer can not be less than 20 hours per week.


1. Receiving Nulla Osta
A request for a 'Nulla Osta' is submitted to the Unified Immigration Service through the portal of the Ministry of the Interior.
2. Consulate of Italy
After positive decision on the 'Nulla Osta' permission, the Italian Prefecture sends it to the diplomatic consulate abroad to the foreigner country. After that the foreigner is obtaining an entry visa to Italy in the Consulate.
3. Submitting request for a residence permit in Italy
After entering Italy, the foreign specialist must apply for a residence permit.
The deadline for submitting a request should not exceed 8 days from the date of crossing the border!
The request is made by filling in the 'KIT' module in the 'Spottello Amico' service, operating in a number of Italian post offices. The module together with all documents is sent to the Police and the date of the appointment in 'Questura' (Police) is given.
4. Appointment at Questura (Italian Police)
On the date of appointment, you must arrive at the territorial office of Ufficio Immigrazione in Questura(Police) to demonstrate documents and submit your fingerprints.
5. Obtaining a residence permit
Obtaining a ready-made document - Italian residence permit (Permesso di Soggiorno) takes place during another personal visit to Questura(Police).

The terms of issuing a final ready Residence Permit depend on many factors and varies highly from region to region. On the average it can take 3-5 months after the request is submitted.

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